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Great class and great instructor. The class was very engaging and lively. Even if you don’t plan to carry the class could be valuable as the material is geared towards gun use in general. Know your rights, take the class.

It was an amazing class with some of the best instructors. The class and instructors are very personal. And I will definitely take more of there classes.

Greatest CCW class! Lee takes boring laws and makes them understandable, even for a beginner. Lee keeps your attention and helps you understand best practices as a gun owner. I highly recommend taking him class.

I came into the class unsure that I even desired to carry a firearm, but also curious about the process. The instruction was thorough and more importantly changed my mindset; it’s not about the person threatening you and your family, but instead about your right to protect yourself from the threat. What sticks in my mind most is the premise they started the class with; “If you ever have to use your weapon for defense, it’s going to be the worst day of your life.” I recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about getting a CCW permit. 

I found the class to be very informative and the instructor welcomed any and all questions making the entire class a relaxed environment for the students. I enjoyed it so much I am arranging a class for my friends, co-workers and family. Thanks Lee I now have much more understanding of how to also evaluate and eliminate bad situations regarding my safety as well as all other innocent bystanders.

My boyfriend and I took Lee’s class today and we really enjoyed it. It was a very comfortable, professional, informative day. Lee was extremely knowledgeable and made sure to take time to answer any questions so the entire class had a good understanding of the information. With just 9 of us in the class, it allowed for a great learning environment and put my nerves at ease. If anybody is thinking about taking a CCW class, I highly recommend

Lee Kropp did an exceptional job teaching the ccw class. Lee was very informative on every aspect of the responsibilities that come with having your concealed weapon. He also incorporated many life experiences and other stories into the class. Lee has the tools and knowledge to understand the laws that come with having your ccw. 3 very satisfied customers!!!!!