Suspect and Homeowner Shoot Each Other During Attempted Burglary

St Charles, MO — A pair of men are both recovering from gunshot wounds after an attempted burglary. The incident took place at about 3 in the morning at the Cedarbrook Apartment Homes by West Clay Street and Zumbehl Road.

The victim, a 66 year old man was sleeping in the apartment while visiting his family there. Then, at about 3 o’clock the 28 year old alleged burglar, Marshall Funkhouser, fired two shots at the front door waking up the 66 year old inside.

The older man grabbed his gun, reportedly just as Funkhouser kicked the door open and forced his way inside.

The two men exchanged gun fire with each other and both were hit. Funkhouser was found outside of the apartment building with a couple of holes in his torso. Police found the 66 year old inside the building with a single gunshot wound to his lower abdomen.

Thankfully none of the other family members were struck by stray bullets, and both men were reportedly recovering in nearby hospitals.

The family and the 66 year old claim to have never met or have known Funkhouser according to police and it is unclear as to why he broke into the house.

This incident is still under investigation by the police.

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The above story serves a few important reminders. First, having a gun handy can mean the difference between life and death. Since the bad guy had a gun and was clearly willing to use it, had the older man not been armed things would have likely turned out a lot worse.

The other thing to keep in mind, however, which is something many of us don’t think about, is that just having a gun does not make you invincible. Having a gun you can use is really only half of the battle.

Having knowledge, not just how to shoot, but how to use cover or concealment, how to move with your gun to avoid getting shot, etc., all come in handy and directly coincide with your outcome.

If you have not taken a more advanced class that covers those and other topics, you should think about doing it when you get the chance.


  1. Bulldog Bob on March 11, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    Train as much as possible when SHTF you gotta be ready quick, fast and in a hurry. Wyatt Earp said “it’s not the fist shot that counts it’s the first hit” prayers for the 66 year old. Prayer to funkhouser that he’s learned to make better life choices. Keep breaking in and one day it might be a chest full of double ought buck. That will alter his decision making process

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