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Elderly North St. Louis Man Defends Home Against Armed Robber

Missouri Shooting

Shots rang out in North St. Louis on Sunday afternoon when a home invader met unexpected resistance from someone the criminal thought would be an easy target.

The incident occurred on the 2600 block of Burd street at the home of a 74-year-old man. It saw 26-year old Freddric Smith walk up to the homeowner, who was in his backyard at the time and force him into his home at gunpoint. Smith, once inside, demanded that the homeowner give him money and items within the home.

However, the only item that the elderly resident grabbed was his firearm. This led to a shootout between the homeowner and the criminal. It saw the homeowner get shot in the neck, several rounds fly throughout the home, and finally, a shot strike the home invader true, in his side and knock him out of the fight.

Following the chaos, authorities were called to the scene and arrived to take both the defensive shooter and the criminal to the hospital for their wounds. Luckily for the elderly man, his gunshot wound was so minor, even though it hit his neck, that he was able to be released from the hospital the very same night he arrived.

As for Freddric Smith, he was not so lucky. The wound to his side was so severe that he eventually succumbed to it and passed away in the hospital.

According to reports, there was also an elderly woman in the home at the time of the shooting, but she was not harmed in the shootout.

In an update to the story, however, there have been reports that the elderly man’s home has since been shot at in a drive-by shooting in retaliation for the death of Freddric Smith. Police have stated that they are upping patrols in the area and investigating whether or not further attacks are likely.

What do you think of this story? Do you think your home is prepared for an incident like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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